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OMG YOU’RE INTO MISS FISHER!!! I adore the books, and the show is pretty entertaining too, though some of the changes are a bit suspect. But my god her wardrobe makes up for it

Yeah! I just got into it (well, my mom did and the first episode got my hooked). I haven’t read the books yet, but wow what a great show. Her wardrobe is fantastic. And they reuse it for different episodes, which is very nice.

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miss fisher’s murder mysteries is the BEST

Yeah! You get to watch it there in Australia, too. The 2nd season is unavailable unless you purchase it. Man I love it. Even better than Miss Marple and Midsomer Murders haha I love them all.

Miss Fisher’s is amazing

You’ve seen it/read it? I’ve only just started. It’s really great. The mystery is predictable at times, but it’s refreshing from all the gritty inner city modern American crime procedural.

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Lost a follower

Was it the Lutece stuff or the 1920s lady detective?


"I haven’t taken anything seriously since 1918!"


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