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Totally had this weird dream where I was time travelling with this group of archaeologists.

I was in the Wild West, digging for gold with a pickaxe, but one of the miners was going to turn on us and I knew it because I was from the future so I attacked him first and he was going to bleed out and our group leader was like “No! You’ll mess up the stream” and we had to defensively jump to Ancient Rome.

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Halo + Kick-Ass Ladies

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Today is my birthday and Batman day, so everyone I know is sending me this image. It rules.

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Messed around with an unfinished PSD I had from years ago. Closer to getting it done. 

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Does anybody know any blogs that post the order 1886? I cant really find one and would appreciate the help.

Check out isabeauigraines, malephire, theorder1886, and my sideblog blackwaterknights


and @marius-titus, laracrrft too!


Do lambs know how to swim?


45 years ago today these three men inspired the world with their bravery, skill and example; Thanks Mike, Buzz and Neil.

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Totally had this dream this morning about Victorian-era losers.

There was this English gentleman who was so gay for his butler, and he was married to an awesome Indian Lady in a marriage of convenience and she totally ran things. The butler was all, “Sir, I have to get the tea…” and the Lady of the house brought it in like, “You can chill out, I got it this morning. Just kiss your boyfriend.”

And also they have a Native American friend who lives with them (which also made careless citizens confused about the whole Indian/Indian thing.)

I think this a combination of my interest of that era and shows (Ripper Street, Penny Dreadful, LOXG), talking to a British dude last night at the Art Walk, and brokenviolins's nobles.

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