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Hey new and old followers!

Gained a few, lost a few. Never greeted the new ones.

Glad you’re here, hope you stay, but if you have to leave, that’s fine too.

Let me know if:

  • You need me to tag something for you.
  • Want to skype and never talk because I’m scared.
  • want to be xbox, psn, steam, tweeter, instagram friends.
  • Want to know what it’s like adjusting to living with a chronic illness/ constant doctor visits. (It’s scary, but I’m learning).
  • Curious about anything.

Also, I fall behind on things because of the above health issue. Thank you for being patient, for tagging me in FFs and memes, and for following me :)

Ps, I also have other blogs: The Order: 1886 blog, Lutece fic blog, Halo blog, atomic-age aesthetic blog.

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FYI I’m back into Doctor Who, but staying very clear from tumblr, and anything pertaining to it, really. I really don’t have the energy to nitpick about it all the time. I’m sorry if that changes your view of me.

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Met a lady last night at work who was an original Whovian, the first female in her field (naval nuclear machinist), and is part of the volunteer staff at the Phoenix Comicon, but the thing that I liked most was that she was happy she accomplished all her dreams and was actively looking for more.

She said the most important thing was to never stop.

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Women of BioShock

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