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Star Saints. Solar Saints. Saints of the Stars.

Growing up Catholic and also desperately wanting to be an astronaut, I’ve always meshed my science/religion beliefs together and imagined that saints, with their halos looking like space helmets, were astronauts. 

~Joan of Arc leading the Interstellar battles of Cygnus VI

~The Victory of St. George at Beta Draconis.


Saint George, 1891: Ludwig von Herterich

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hahaha wow nevermind i appear to have gotten to that point where everything i draw just sucks again

It happens to every artist. You have good art, you have bad art :/  It’s important to never stop drawing though!  (A reminder to myself as well!)

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Destiny and the Hamster Wheel Blues

It is possible to kill yourself at The Tower, the hubworld in Bungie’s new video game, Destiny . All other types of violence are prohibited in The Tower, the game restricting the controls so the gun you’ve been blasting away with stays firmly affixed to your back, the fists you’ve used to pummel hundreds of enemies into oblivion staying resolutely at your sides. The only violence you’re allowed here is directed at yourself, a lesson imparted to me when I take a flying leap at The Tower’s edge and, instead of encountering an invisible wall or failing to clear the safety railing, I go sailing out into space and fall into the haze below. This is not a big deal. Death is never a big deal in Destiny, where you’re never more than 30 seconds away from a respawn, a mere fraction of the load times that Destiny takes between levels. Jump off The Tower and you’ll respawn almost immediately with a tongue in cheek diagnosis of “Death By Misadventure”, your attempt at injecting some conventional mortality into Destiny thwarted by the game’s continuing insistence that you keep going on, and on, and on. It’s as if the game is saying “Yes, that’s very cute, you can briefly end your life just as easily as we can with our hordes of Hive and Fallen and Vex, but now you must return to the serious business of getting more guns, armor, and experience. Chop, chop!” There is no shortage of eye candy in Destiny, but the game so determinedly pushes you forward, with so little substantial story underlying any of it, that you feel actively discouraged from taking any time to wonder at it all. In Destiny all the grandeur of space and time are laid before you in their awe and majesty, phenomena you and your fellow players are encouraged to ignore in favor of running endless errands. It can feel like you’re one worker in a colony of ants ignorantly swarming over the surface of a masterpiece, a lingering sense of knowledge ignored and mystery squandered. The game even has its own avatar of grand, majestic futility embodied in The Traveler, the huge alien orb that hangs inert over mankind’s last city like a great, futuristic malfunctioning disco ball.

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Oh hey, something that properly conveys most of what I feel about Destiny. A great meal snatched away after I’ve taken a few bites.

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I’m sorry Destiny. It’s not you, it’s me.

Destiny is the first game I’ve ever preordered, played, and reconsidered purchasing.

With the exception of Aquaman, which I’ve deepy repressed, I’ve always enjoyed a game I’ve bought, never had a feeling of uncertainty. Even while I have my gripes about Bioshock Infinite, it’s, quite obviously, one of my favorites.

Up until I played the beta, I never had an issue with Destiny.

Don’t get me wrong, Destiny, on the surface, has everything I could ever ask. All my checkmarks are ticked with resounding enthusiasm. Scifi? Old Earth? Remants of a Golden Age, discovering centuries old history, and a yearning for what was lost? YES.

Destiny plays like a FPS, but it has the progression of an MMO, and that, I’ve discovered is what has me frustrated.

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whoa you work at a welding shop??? also that fucking SUCKS i hope that man trips on something and spills his coffee.

It’s a “makerspace.” It’s got a woodshop, machine shop, metal shop, lasers, 3d printers, etc. It’s really cool. But it does have the occasional one or two people (I say people, but in every instance it has been men) who cut me off, “joke” or flat out ignore me because I’m both a girl and I look very young, and I’m like “Buddy, you realize I can kick you out of here, right?”

It’s very nice though that all my other male coworkers have my back and address any issues I have immediately, even though I’m the newbie. Some of our members too are very fine examples of humanity. We have an older gentleman who always challenges me with a new tool or machine and teaches me about them if I don’t know them.

Pros to working at a shop:

  • being in charge of $2 million dollars of awesome equipment.
  • creative atmosphere.
  • lead welder is a woman who also teaches bookbinding.


  • Occasional sexism and elitism (though never from my fantastic coworkers).


The Potter Generation | Day 6 | Horcruxes or hallows
♣ Deathly Hallows

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